Rest API in uipath with GET request

can you please help me out
I have api link[Email]&Job_Requisition_as_Text=[REQ]

for this api and this api with username and password
How did i give the input for this api in UiPath and how can extract the required details from the response

(Job requisition REQ and Email are input parameters to the Rest API)

Can anyboday provide me solution on it plz


Drag http request activity.

In the properties give the uri you have and there is an option for parameters…add parameters for email and req and use them in place of [EMAIL] and [REQ]

In authetication select basic/username and password and type them in the respective fields

For extracting use deserialize json adn then you can get the values from it


tried this? not getting any response


Can you show whqt you gave…may be something is wrong in what you have passed…what status did you get?


can you give your personal id i will show you there on google meet

can anybody there who can help me out in this plz

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