API calls on academy

Do we have any kind of trainings for API calls on UiPath Academy?

Karthik Byggari

No @Rasoul, We don’t have any trainings available for API in Academy as of now. May be that will be added in future. But we have so many options like youtube to learn the basics of API. Post the question if you face any issue while trying to call API here :slight_smile:.

Rasoul KarthikByggari HareeshMR

Please have a look at the below playlist for Orchestrator API.
Orchestrator API using Orchestrator HTTP Request Activity

Orchestrator API using Postman

I hope you find it useful, your feedback will be highly appreciated.


Hello Rasoul,
Here I have 4 videos with an example from postman to UiPath Orchestrator:

If you want to call other software via API here you have more than 10 videos:

Cristian Negulescu

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