Orchestrator tenants and licensed unattended bots

Hello, I have a question regarding Orchestrator and tenants with unattended licensed robots.

I have a single Orchestrator with two tenants. I have assigned three licensed unattended bots to one tenant during development and would like to transfer those bots to the other tenant for production.

To confirm my understanding:

Is it possible to move the unattended bots from one tenant to another? I want to use the same license, same bots, on a separate tenant within the same Orchestrator.

Thank you

So i think you should have separate licenses for each tenant, even if you move everything from one tenant to the other, one of them will always be without licenses, why even have two? Also, if you licensed your robots directly into a tenant, you cant move them, only if you licensed at the host level, you can move the licenses around the tenants as you wish. But i could be wrong depending on the version you are using. Managing Your Licenses

I had originally used one tenant for development purposes and the second tenant is intended to be the final production tenant to which the client will have access. Thank you for linking that resource, I have taken a look and experimented myself.

To answer my own question: YES, at host level, bot licenses can be moved between tenants.

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