What is Orchestrator best practices



I have a couple of questions about the Orchestrator, As i work in a big company and we are thinking about purchasing the license.
If we are operating Robots in more than one department can we use one Orchestrator or we need to have move than one.
what is the best practice for installing the Orchestrator???
appreciate your support


Hi @islam.abdelhamid

Please check out this article for general guidance:


Dear Maciej

Thank you for your respond, Please be aware that I already checked the link you sent me, However it didn’t provide the needed information.

I need to know how many robots (attended and un-attended) the orchestrator license can handle, what is the best practices to install the orchestrator in a big company with different departments.

I hope you can help me as it is a urgent matter

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Islam Mohamed Hanafy



I feel the response from @loginerror was correct based on how the question was asked. Multi-tenancy would allow you to create logical instances of Orchestrator to support each of the multiple departments. In other words, you need one Orchestrator. Multi-tenancy would not effect the number of robots Orchestrator could support; however, it would impact the distribution of those robots among the tenants.

The Orchestrator license is not the limiting factor in terms of how many robots you can have. Instead, the number of robots your Orchestrator instance could support would be affected by your infrastructure/architecture decisions.

I would suggest reviewing the Hardware Requirements outlined in the Orchestrator Guide as they break it down by number of bots supported based on a particular hardware configuration.

For best practices installing Orchestrator, I would start with the Orchestrator Guide and review the About Installation and Security Best Practices sections.

To get more in-depth guidance on Orchestrator infrastructure/deployment considerations, I would suggest reviewing Lesson 1 of the UiPath Academy course: RPA Infrastructure Training.

I hope that helps.