Licensing of robots prior to v2017

So from v2017 licensing of robots is done from the centralized orchestrator. But i wanted to know how and from where robots were licensed in v2016.1 orv2016.2. Can someone please help me with this?

For Enterprise,


Where ( i may be wrong here)

%localappdata%\UiPath\License (High Density Robots)

Thank you for your response…Have another doubt though on click of settings button from uipath robot system tray icon. a pop up comes that requires robot key, machine name and orchestrator url as inputs. My doubt is for CE edition i can use but i wanted to know if i buy license what would be the appropriate entry for that field i.e who will provide that

It’s the same as on You now have 2 Development robots available, which you provision in Orchestrator(Robots page). After doing so, when you open Robot settings, you will provide the Robot key(that you have previosly provisioned) and Orchestrator URL.

If you buy 2 more Attended and 2 Unattended robots, they will be displayed in Orchestrator Settings - License and you will be able to provision Robots of that specific type in Robots page. You use Robot Settings window to connect your Robot to Orchestrator.

Aahhh… But what you are saying will apply for personal use right??
What if i want to buy license for my organisation…Then from where will i get the orchestrator URL after the installation of UiPathPlatform.msi??

For personal use, academia, learning purposes you can use the Community Edition, as stated in the terms and conditions.

You have to buy Orchestrator separately from your Robot licenses. And we will provide everything you need to install it on your server.

Please contact the sales team for more details: