Licenses! help

So whats better a concurrent runtime for 10 processes( robots) on 1 environment(machine) vm or citrix


10 attended named user on 1 environment(machine) vm or citrix

Parallel is not a must and multiple machines also not a must.

What are advantages and disadvantages for each scenario. I already know the benefits with orchestrator. Im trying to find out which license architecture is usual and who recognize this kind of examples

Each has its own advantages and we can select only based on the robot needed and the server we have that can handle these robots

Did we refer this document for more details on those two types of license you are referring to

Cheers @creative

i need a answer not documentation. Its confusing!

It really depends on the needs of your organization.

Attended concurant is useful if you have users who will work in shifts, as the license is only consumed when users log in to the machine. For instance, if you have a day shift of 10 users and a night shift of 10 users, you could use 10 attended concurant licenses to cover both shifts.

Attended named user licenses are intended for settings where the business users will require access at any given point in time during the day and cannot share their license. In the above example of a day shift and night shifts with 10 users each, you would need 20 named user licenses to cover both shifts.

20 licenses obviously will cost more than 10 licenses, but business requirements might necessessitate that named user licenses be aquired over concurrent.

There is no set “standard” as every organization is unique. You have to look at the needs of your organization to know what is right for you.

Thanks a lot! True it depends of the business needs and requirements. i understand the shifts but there’s no shifts because everybody wants to use the robots any time any day without waiting or that the robots needs to be queued.

They want 20 attended NAMED users for 20 robots during the day. Each department wants to start each day each time there own robot.

It’s possible that some departments start there own robots with there own license at 8 a clock at the same time. what will happen? Only question i have is what will happen if this situation true. Will the departments start the bots without any problems because they still have there own license?

we going to deploy 20 robots with 20 licenses on 1 citrix machine.

Hope you can answer the question. I will appreciate that