Confusing License model

Is it only me or UiPath’s license model is very confusing to understand. Too many concepts are thrown around making it harder to get a simple and cleear picture. I dont know if it achieves any purpose.

E.g. we not only have types of Robots (attended, unattended) but then also license types such as Names user, concurrent Runtime. A Robot itself can be confusing. A Robot is a Machine/username combination on machine. You can allocate multiple run-times on a machine. In document on licensing concepts it is mentioned: “If on a machine you have only one Unattended/NonProduction Robot and assign its machine 30 run times, then 30 licenses are consumed if that machine is online.”

Do we seriously need this kind of license model? Is anyone able to explain it all in simple words that doesn’t need hair pulling ? E.g what is the idea behind run time and its relation to licence and robot.

Hi @Gaurav_Sharma

Check this

Ashwin S