Licensing limitation: Attended Named User licenses OR Attended Concurrent User licenses on 1 Tenant

It seems on one Orchestrator Tenant you can have either Attended Named User licenses OR Attended Concurrent User licenses! Not Both!

We plan to have both Attended Named User licenses and Attended Concurrent User licenses. We see management overhead because we will be forced to maintain two Tenants just because we plan to use both of these types of licenses.

I suggest this limitation to be removed and both these types of licenses should be allowed in 1 Tenant.

Makes sense. It is on our to do list but let’s see when we prioritize it.

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I have few queires on the License part, hope some of you can clarify my doubts-

  1. If I purchase Studio License (Node Locked) - Install it over a server, does multiple users can access the same License for development activities at the same time?
    a) If Yes, what is the limitation on number of users?
    b) If Not, could you please tell me an alternative OR with one License only one user can work at a time?
  2. If I need to install my Attended Robot on Cloud (VMs), which would be recommendable, if I need to execute multiple processes -
    a) Attended Named User OR
    b) Attended Concurrent User

Assume that there is no Orchestrator available.

  1. We advise to move to a “via Orchestrator” license. There are many advantages in terms of deployment, logging and governance.
  2. You may execute multiple processes with both NU or CU.
    Difference is:
    NU = how many users you may have defined in Orchestrator
    CU = define any number of users but only some are able to connect simultaneously
    CU is recommended if you have working in shifts scenario.