License Management in Orchestrator - Feedback Space

We want to hear your feedback‌ .
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ License Management in Orchestrator course, please feel free to add them in this thread.


kindly share few thoughts on Insights license management and a small walkthrough.

Cheers @Alin_Andronache

Found material on Licence Management in Orchestrator adequate.

Please make it easier! Where is the guiding?
OMG! Why do we have to spend this much time around renewal of licenses (every time)?
It is a jungle, - I am over and over again looking for an easy guide, but it is random to find a step-by-step guide that really takes me all through the process.
Where is the step-by-step guide offered by the UiPath team? Why make this issue so hard? It’s frustrating. Nobody likes frustrating :tired_face:

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I was looking for the license management updates as of 2021. Where can I find those videos? It looks like a lot has changed since the last 1 year or more. Specifically about Attended - Concurrent license and Unattended Robot - Test.

How is Unattended Robot - Test different from Non-Production Licenses?