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Hi there,

I have a question concerning license costs. I know this question has been asked before, and I have indeed tried to contact UIPath directly via CE. Unfortunately no one has gotten back to me since last week.
I Need an estimation on the cost of one (Student) license as soon as possible, since I want to use the Software in a Project/ Thesis with a Deadline and my boss Needs an estimation for the costs to make a decision if I can use UiPath for this Project.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @J.Rehmann,

For any non-commercial use or learning purpose, you can download UiPath Studio Community version which is available in the below link :



Hi Vikas,

thanks for your fast Reply! :slight_smile:.
Does the community Edition contain all the functions the “Enterprise Version” has?
I.e. capable of automating Excel and Outlook, etc.?
Because either I’m too dumb to find these, or the community Edition isn’t sufficient for my purposes.

Thanks again!

Hi Rehman,

Yes, CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Studio/Robot. The differences between CE and Studio are :

  • Support only via forum
  • CE robots can’t connect to the Orchestrator/Server


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Thanks for your quick help!

I hadn’t realized, that I needed to install the packages for excel, mail, etc. first. Now I found everything.

Kind regards :smile:

Hey, Rehman!
could you please write me, where ich can install the package for Excel.
I appreciate you already.

Thank you Rehman , I just found it ? I had to ask Google first:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hi @sjawadaf,

sure it’s super easy, just click on the “manage packages” icon:

here you can install all the different packages for excel, outlook, twilio, etc. whatever you need:

that’s basically it as far as I know :slight_smile:

Thank you again Rehman

Hey Rehman,
do you know maybe now, whick expenses App is used by video Toturials :slight_smile:

User Interface Automation
Advanced UI Automation
i thank you already


expenses app? can you clarify? I’m not sure what you mean :see_no_evil: