Difference between Community and Studio Pro

I actually used the contact us form on their website and was told to come here to get my answer on a non-community license. I couldn’t believe it.

  1. Is there a non-community license and if so how much is it?

  2. I see on website reference to shortcut and create app on setup tab. But I don’t see it in the community edition. So, I’m assuming the licensed version has these?

  3. Basically before I bother learning this tool, I want to be able to create .exe files to run or at a minimum shortcuts to running the scripts created within UiPath Studio. I primarily will use with Chrome and will have lots of tasks automated. Is there an easy way to create .exe or shortcuts to running different scripts?

Thanks in advance for answers to my questions.

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[quote=“toplay, post:1, topic:545”]
I actually used the contact us form on their website and was told to come here to get my answer on a non-community license. I couldn’t believe it.[/quote]
That’s extremely odd… There are commercial licenses and community forums are not the place to discuss them (obviously). I’d recommend either resending the email or using the chat on uipath.com to clear it up.
Directing here for other questions is fine I think, but that one was a blunder.

For your other questions:

Compiling to exe is no longer supported as far as I know since early v8 (2 major versions back, there are some outdated informations on the page), but that’s actually not an issue since you can run them without starting Studio anyway.

For helper robots (front office, those that run simultaneously to a person using the computer) you can start any deployed one from the tray icon. It’s possible to create also a shortcut to run it, but since functionality is the same, I’d say that it’s easier to keep it in the software itself.

For backoffice (unattended - will log in, do the process, log out) they’re started from Orchestrator (backend monitoring/control center) and/or task scheduler and/or API call (depends on setup, needs etc.).

Deploying is done either locally on the machine, or to the Orchestrator.


No one is responding on the chat and it states to leave a message. I left my questions, but I’m not happy at the support so far.

Thanks for your reply. I just want to automate Chrome tasks and would need to invoke (manually my self, not by a trigger) different scripts throughout the day. I’m not wanting to use this for QA or testing, just to help me with routine things that I do over and over again.

How do you run scripts from the system tray without having to use UiPath Studio? If you’re referring to UiPath Robots, then that doesn’t look free (they want to start a trial).

Since not deploying or doing QA don’t want or need to use Orchestrator.

I want to know what’s the difference between a paid license and the community edition (other than support maybe). I mean if the shortcut or create app are in the paid version, it might be worth it. I wonder if they stripped those features out from the paid version or not.

Thank you.

CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Studio/Robot. The differences between CE and Studio are

  • no support in CE (only forum)
  • does not run as a service

We are selling packages - Studio/Orchestrator/Trainings. Because of high demand and insufficient resources (in terms of support and training) we decided to sell only to enterprises…instead of making everyone unhappy. For community we are giving the software for free. Therefore, we hope, this compensates for the lack of support. If you find the tool useful it would be nice, though not mandatory, to help others here on the forum. We will launch free online courses/tutorials and improve our resource base.


Thanks for the reply. How is the CE useful if you cannot run lots of different scripts easily by using an .exe, shortcut, or assigned macro key shortcut?

How do others do this?

Good question.

  1. You can start any process from the UiPath tray (after Publishing it under Setup Tab) - two mouse clicks.
  2. You can start a process from command line… which means you can have a bat file and a shortcut key assigned. The path to UiRobot.exe will change with every update so, from time to time, you’ll need to change the cmdlet. I guess this can be automated too.

Thanks for the info, but it seems you have to have the bulk of UiPath Studio open to get at the system tray. It’s a tiny little window and if you have a lot of scripts it would be messy.

I don’t understand why you would take a way such useful features as the ability to make .exe or shortcuts (easily - no bat files which is ancient).

I think I’ll just go with AutoHotKey and it’s made easier with Polover’s free GUI macro creator:

I’ll have to use pixel/picture recognition for manipulating Chrome with that but I can assign hot keys and create .exe files. The thing I liked about UiPath is you have a Chrome plugin to make it easier to manipulate Chrome with.

Thanks to everyone for all the help.

Don’t mind me asking you a question regarding item (1).
After CE version 2016.1.6137 then came 2016.2.6165 and as of today 2016.2.6192.
For Community Edition, I now cannot run / test more than process simultaneously?

How can we help in contributing to increase support and training?

You can still create shortcuts towards:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe" /file:"C:\main.xaml"

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Hi Badita,
Sorry to bother you.
May I ask you one question: If I am gonna purchase a whole package of studio license(enterprise level as you told), how many kinds of licenses are there in the package and what are them? For instance, I knew there are back office robot license & front office robot license, and it seems like there is another license called “Development”, any other licenses i miss?
Appreciate it if you can kindly reply to me!


Hi! What are the login credentials for UiPath CE Orchestrator?