Generate Yearly report Activity - Filter by Type and Status

In the Advanced Training - Level 3 - Activity 3 - Generate Yearly report

I used data scrapping to extract the work items and assigned to a Data table output argument.
In the next step, I used “Filter Data Table” Activity and filtered by type and status. See the attachments. W

hen I run I get System.Argument exception. Where could be the problem?

i am not able to see this argument “WorkItemsWI4Open” in the argument panel

can you confirm whether you created it and whats the datatype it has

I had the WorkItemsWI4Open as a variable of the type Datatable. Now I tried again it as an argument of Datatable. Both gave the same error.

In fact, I do not need another variable or an argument, I can put it back in Workitems.

I am getting a datatable from the ExtractWorkItems.xaml in the output argument which I am passing to Workitems (In/Out Datatable argument). In the next activity, I am using the Workitems in the Filter Datatable as both input and output. When I test the activity, I am getting an error “Filter Data table Faulted” and an System.Exception

Use select method of datatable to filter datatable


@sandeep13 thanks. Eventually that is what I did to proceed. curious to know whats wrong with my usage of the filter data table.