Level 3 Advanced issue


I will be greatful for help on subject where im stop.
From the list of work items, extract only the items needed in the current process - those of the WI5 type, with the status set to “Open”.
:black_small_square: Use the DataTable.Select method to filter out the elements that do not match the criteria above. Assign the result to a new variable.
:black_small_square: This is what the Assign activity should look like:

the current error is that cannot be converter from system.data.data.row to system.data.datatable

I know that i got wrong set typ of variable but i dont know which is good for this task

Thank You for your time and help.

Hi @fudi5,

try like this


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Hi arivu96,

Thanks for try but still dosent work for me.Its like: error

Hi @fudi5,

use Assign activity
Value=dt_Wis.Select("Type='WI5' AND Status='Open'").CopyToDataTable()


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Select() method returns a datarow array so the variable WIList should be a DataRow

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Both ways works well. Thank YOU guys a lot.

Guys im burn out please help me out one more time. Im not cach this part of process…

Also, when there are Transaction Items left to be processed, we need to set the Transaction ID to the value of the Work Item ID. The activities are already in place, so we only need to change the value of TransactionID in the Assign activity to (especially this part) “out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString”.

Hi Guys,

I’m also trying to resolve this point. I have a errore message that I did not understand, Could someone help me ?
The message error is : error

I would be very very glad if someone can help me.

PS: the error message is in German sorry: “dt_WIs is not declared. this object may not be accessible due to the level of protection”


@jawahar,Change the scope of the datatable variable dt_Wis in the variables panel and try

@sreekanth thank you very much! I try it but now I have an other error message :
The value of the “1-dimensional array of System.DataDataRow” type can not be converted to “System.Data.DataRow”


Could you help ? Thank you for your time and your help !

Change it to Datarow and check

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Thank you very much for your help . It works now!:star_struck: