Level3 Assignment 1 ExtractWIDetails Error

Hi Everyone,

Please help me out to solve the Level3 assignment issue.

Let me explain my problem

I am stuck at Extracting the WI Details.form last two days i am trying to solve this issue please any one help me out on this issu

While i am running the application in debug mode i am getting url adding extra space (%20)
how to clear this space i am giving “System1\System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails\Main.xaml”

this is at process page i am invoaking widetails page.


Thanks in advance,
Jayaprakash Gurrapu

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Try this.

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Hi laskshman,

Thanks for replying

I have implemented but the same issue its adding ‘%20’

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Hi @gurrapujp

Can you please share the vakue you have entered in config for URL.

Also please try it with IE.



Hi ShenkiSinghai,

thanks for reply

i am attaching screenshot of the config file pfa

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Hi lakshman,

when i implementing above said one i am getting


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Before that Navigate to Activity, could you please print the below value and tell me what’s its printing exactly. So that i can check and help you.

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Hi lakshman,

I have fixed this one by removing extra spaces from url
System1_URL.Replace(" ",string.Empty)+ “work-items/” + WorkItem_ID.Tostring

Thank you for guidance lakshman

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