Error when extracting System1 items from the Assignment 1 of the Advanced Academy

Dear experts,

I have come across a issue when I try to extract the items WI5 from the System 1 url (Data Scraping Part). The sequence does not appear to have any errors, however when I execute the entire workflow, I receive for this particular sequence an error stating that a constructor is missing and I am a bit confused as to why I need one in this case.

Attached is a screenshot of the error. I will try to reply to this post to provide screenshots of the data declaration arguments and variables as well as an overview of the sequence itself.

Looking forward for any help. Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about data scraping part?

Sequence Overview:

In which activity you getting error or If you share your xaml file it will be more easy to find error

Delete the Data Scrapping activity and Scrape it once again it will work.

Hey @zahaman I am facing issue in System1_Extract_DataTable which assigning values. Refer error message. It seems data table not returning any values even I after I reset data on ACME System1 site. Will please help me to solve this issue?


Can you show me your assign activity? It seems data was not scrapped properly or there is an issue while you are assigning it to something

Hey @PrankurJoshi, I am able to resolve issue by initializing data table but now I am getting below error message. Can you please help to understand where I made a mistake?

Can you verify that dt_WIs datatable has some values by writing a Write Line activity dt_WIs.Rows.Count.ToString

Hey @PrankurJoshi, It did giving me values but only when I declare dt_WIs and WIList both as variable. When I declare WIList as ‘DataRow’ as Output argument I am getting error message given in above/earlier post.

How can I pass this value to GetTransactionData workflow?

Great now

  1. Create an Out argument in System1_ExtractDataTable workflow as out_WIList type DataRow array of data rows and assign out_WIList = WIList.

  2. In Init State create a local Variable in Main.xaml as WIList of same type dataRow

  3. Assign WIList items to this variable

  4. Pass this variable as in argument in GetTransactionData workflow

This is how I did as suggested by you…


In Init State --> System1_Extract_DataTable

Still don’t under how can I pass variable in GetTransactionData workflow which I declared in Main.xaml? To do this, I may need to invoke Main workflow in GetTransactionData which doesn’t make any sense.

As per the Walkthrough document i did the changes in Main workflow and have below confusion. Can you please clarify on that too?

Walkthrough Document


Thank you very much for help me solving my issues :slight_smile:

There is a conflict in what you have shown In Init State --> System1_Extract_DataTable image showing In_WIlist as in argument and in System1_Extract_DataTable workflow is having out argument in both the locations it should be out_WIList argument. Do it step by step

  1. Create out_WIList in Init State -->
  2. Go to System1_Extract_DataTable workflow create out_WIList argument
  3. Assign out_WIList = WILIst in System1_Extract_DataTable workflow
  4. Create local variable in Main.xaml WIList assign out_WILIst to WIList in InitState
  5. Send WILIst as In argument in GetTransactionData as I shared in image

Actually I did assigned and created same variable in Init State --> System1_Extract_DataTable but mistakenly I provided correct screen print. Sorry for that :slight_smile: Here is the correct screen print.

Init State --> System1_Extract_DataTable

Also I was able to assign WIList in GetTransactionData too as suggested by you… Here is the screen print.


After running Main workflow I am now getting this error message during processing ‘New Transaction’. Even I verified key in Config.xlsx and it is correct but still giving error. Don’t know what’s wrong.


As per the Walkthrough document i did the changes in Main workflow and have below confusion. Can you please clarify on that too?

Walkthrough Document


Thank you very much for help me solving my issues :slight_smile:

This means that the Key you are trying to retrieve is not there in the Config.xlsx or when you have called InitAllSettings.xaml workflow it has not fetched any data from Config file

I did verified, key is available in Config file and also it fetched in InitAllSettings.xaml file from the Config file but still getting same error message. Refer screen print


Hey @PrankurJoshi, I re-verified the Config file and understood that the highlighted part in the key mentioned in screen print in not present in Config file hence it is mismatching and workflow getting failed. Now the question is how to handle it? Do we need to remove ‘TransactionNumber’ from the ‘Log Message’?

TransactionNumber is a variable which is declared in Main.xaml, try to do it without logging LogMessage_GetTransactionData then most of the part you are doing correctly

Hey @PrankurJoshi, when I am trying without logging LogMessage_GetTransationData (disabled activity), Main workflow is keep logging and opening System1 URL and SHA1Online URL and did not running process workflow due to below error message. Can you please help me to resolve this?


Go to SetTransactionStatus.xaml and disable/commentout all the three activities as written in PDD Walkthrough file