Client Security Hash Assignment- Getting Error while trying to update the first Work Item

hello there,
hope all r enjoying the holidays. Please, whenever anyone gets a chance to help me through this error… I have been spending days on this. Thank you.
Main.xaml (52.2 KB)
Error: After getting the first client info, while coming back to the page to Update WI, the page is blank


Check your url in your first image. Looks like you are joining the main page with the work-item page incorrectly when formulating the work-item url.


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so what do i do exactly? i m not sure


This url should actually be:
(you can try this manually)

I think you are joining the “work-items/605205” with the login url. You need to join it with the main url which is “

So, check your config or assets where these strings are stored to make sure you have the correct urls. Also, check your Navigate step to make sure you are sending the right url string, which could be the issue.



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