Level1 Lesson 6 RPA Challenge

Hello friends,
I am trying to solve the RPA Challenge in Lesson 6 following the walkthrough that is given however I am unable to do the second part, that is whatever written for the second attach window.
As they have written that the second attach window for RPAchallenge.com I have to use Relative selector and I need to use Select Target element, Select Relative element…I am unable to find those within UiExplorer.
I have downloaded and see their solution but not able to understand how their selector for FirstName in Rpachallenge.com is like the following:
Less than sign webctrl aaname=‘First Name’ tag=‘LABEL’ />

I am a little confised now…I understand that the confusion is with creating relative selector…it is stil not very clear to me. Please help.


Try this documentation

Buddy @sujoy_mukherjee

In uiexplore in the left side you can see the Visual tree and Property Explorer like this

Once you select the element you want,
There for each visual tree attribute you can see the detailed property in property explorer…kindly pin both the options with the pin symbol at the right top each panel to visualize them easily like this

say you have fields like
Email: --------

you can see the name attribute in visual tree, right click on this you will get two options like this and select as anchor element

similarly click the below field, get the uiexplorer open the visual element and click as target element

Hope this would work buddy…


Is that working buddy

If so kindly clos this thread with right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic


Thanks @Palaniyappan for your help.
It was a great support. Really appreciate.
Sorry for replying late.
But I have one more doubt.
in Rpachallenge.com there is an excel file is given to download, which I believe we need to use an input file. However in the walk through it is not mentioned in any steps.
Can you please shed some light on that on how to use that excel file?

You can buddy @sujoy_mukherjee
wish you all the best…buddy

Cheers … keep going

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