Assignment 1 update Item problem

Hello Everyone @meela @Hashim_Shamsudeen @karnik @shreyasshete @Carmen_Celen @kamna15 ,
We (@abhay , @sagaryeole) stuck at final page of walkthrough , there is the step where we need to update hash code in add comment section but selector doesnt find that element…even i am using the UiExplorer Tree when i select it manually from the Explorer after validating selector it shows following error…

below is my workflow step:



here there are multiple node with same selectors, hence this issue,
when you open UIexplorer, add other properties to selector like name, and parent ID

Add other properties and try to use “highlight” option in “edit selector” window to see where it is pointing to.

thank you ma’am but when i select those values then it gives me again an error msg

can you please give me this URL.? in which you are trying to get selector.?

I have already used those selectors from tree it highlight the area which i want but when i validate it gives me an error

this link is belongs to my work items,you must try in

when i am running it on separate project (workflow) using recording (web recording-type) its working but when i am using it in our assignment its showing the selectors problem

hmm even am facing same issue, can you try image based automation.?(which is a last option).

I will let you know , what did you use while you solved this assignment?

Let me check this

yes plz

My selector was
"html htmlwindowname=‘WI-Update’ title=‘ACME System 1 - Work Items’ /><webctrl id=‘newComment’ tag=‘TEXTAREA’ "


I am getting this after selecting those parameter

ok now, this is not selector issue, i think when you invoking the workflow check the argument type of comment,

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is it possible for you to upload your project.?

@ImPratham45, I think you are passing some wrong value to the string arguments. please share your workflow to me also. I will have a look at it and help you to fix the issue.

Yes, please share the workflow, we will try to help you.


Try using it for a different browser i.e. with Internet Explorer using the below selector. It might solve the validation issue you are getting in chrome.