Level 3 - Security Hash - Problem Populating the ItemDetails argument

Good evening UiPath Forum,

I re-read the documentation and there is no mention of ItemDetails in either the Walk Through or the ReFramework design document. Where is the background on how is this argument supposed to be set? Are these values associated with queue process and don’t pertain to this assignment?

I setup the following on the INVOKE of the System1_NavigateToWIDetails workflow in the Process.xaml.


I set a breakpoint on the activity that faulted. I have the values that I need for this workflow but one value required by the assignment is null – out_ItemDetails.


The Studio Log reflects this.

“14:35:18.5419 => [ERROR] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [47] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Your review and input is most appreciated.


Here you created one argument and specified name as like this out_ItemDetails but you provided direction as In. I guess it is wrong. If you are passing this argument to other workflow then direction should be out.

Thanks @laksham for your fast reply. I updated the direction.

I received the same results.

The walkthrough indicates to set the out_ItemDetails to ItemDetails. I don’t see where the ItemDetails receives a value during the workflow though. I believe that is the issue. Can you confirm the rule to be applied to the ItemDetails? Thanks again. Your assistance is most appreciated. Jamie

did i not teach you how to troubleshoot? can you review how i told you to troubleshoot plus my logic on layered troubleshooting without write lines and try replicate that? that is the most basic kind of troubleshooting you must know :confused:

also you change in ur workflow not ur invoke

Excellent… thanks @MythicGold. I went back through. I put the breakpoint on the particular activity that faulted. I then reviewed the locals outputs before and after. I went back up the workflow to the previous step that referenced the value and put a breakpoint there and re-ran the process in full. I repeated that for the prior two places where I used / invoked either ItemDetails or out_ItemDetails.

Once again, I had set a value that started and finished its life as a null.

My issue this time is that in review of the materials, it is not clear what to set this value
The document that students see after completing this project actually has revised instructions than the document I get at the start of the project.


The instructions it provides are below. Mine is attached for that. Your thoughts and thanks again. Your assistance in troubleshooting is huge.

Pages13and14ThatIHave[10535].pdf (81.4 KB)

i say watch youtube video together when u do this assignment codingandplay is a good channel

I will definitely do that @MythicGold. I’m finishing review of the documentation and System1 content. My next steps will start there. Thanks again.

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