Level 3 - Assignment 2 - GenerateYearlyReport_Performer: instructions not clear


The PDD of Generate Yearly Report states that

Between 1 and 3 monthly reports for each vendor could be missing.
Those months are to be ignored.

But what needs to be done when more than 3 monthly reports are missing?

Create the yearly report anyway or create no report at all?

The PDD is not clear about this. And the walkthrough doesn’t even test how many months are missing, so I guess I must create the yearly report anyway. Correct?

Hi @ivandeca

When I was creating the Assignment 2, I’ve actually saved all the yearly reports no matter how much months are missing, the PDD was sometimes ambiguous and have to read different parts to understand the idea, that was months ago so I don’t remember this specific context for your question.

But since the PDD doesn’t explicitly mention that you should raise a Business Exception in this case just go ahead and create the yearly report for every vendor even if it has one non-empty month


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