Assignment2: No monthly reports for all 12 months

Referring to Advanced Training-Assignment 2:
If there are no monthly reports for whole year for a particular Vendor, what should be the comments and status detail to update the Work Item? There is no mention of this scenario in PDD.

There is mention of this in the walkthrough for the assignment. They will have you handle the pop-up box that appears when there are no reports.

I am afraid I didn’t explain clearly. Let me take an example: Year 2020, Vendor Id 123456
If, for all the 12 months in Year 2020 doesn’t have monthly report, then there is no yearly report that can be generated. In such cases, what do one will upload to the yearly report section and what will be the status to be updated in the work item.

Hey bro facing the same issue please let me know how you solved it

Hi Harishn
Did you have any luck on solving this issue as I am currently facing it myself and would appreciate the help.

Figured it out , can only run the reports for the previous full year, so in this case for 2019 not 2020