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could somebody help me ? I dont understand this section i dont know where is entry region:
Before starting to process transactions, we need to add the activities that are
necessary to read the input data in the lnit State. Usually, this is very simple — you can
use either Read Range or Read CSV. In our process however, the input data is stored
on a website, so more steps are required.

  • Remember the purpose of this process, namer to retrieve the hash code for each
    item ofthe W15 type. To do that, first we need a list ofall the WIS items.
    0 Create a blank sequence nitrorkfloirir in the Systeml folder, to extract a Data Table
    variable that holds all the Work Items in the Systeml application. We’ll extract all the
    available work items and filter the WIS type later.
    o Use the Data Scraping wizard to extract the entire HTML table. When asked if
    the data spans multiple pages, ans’u’iJer Yes, and point to the next page button.
    o Set the Maximum number of results option to 0, so that all the identified
    elements can be extracted as output.
    o Create an outpLIt argument and assign it the value of the the extracted data
    o [f you added an annotation, you’re done with this workflowl If you didn’t, add
    the annotation now.

Create an outpLIt argument and assign it the value of the the extracted data
table. - In the next get datarow from this step?
I have created ‘Extract Work Item Data Table’ but it not correct( Maybe anybody know where I have mistakes?

This is because “ExtractDataTable” is type Data Table, whereas “in_WIList” is type DataRow
Try below which will filter ExtractDataTable based on criteria and return DataRow
in_WIList = ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

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Could you elaborate more on in_WIList I have the filter right but I get a validation error saying that ExtractDataTAble.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”) cannot be converted to

Main.xaml (52.1 KB)

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Yes this is because in your xaml, WIList is set to type “DataRow”
Need to change the type to “DataROW

  1. Select type Array of [T]
  2. select DataRow in the popup

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Advanced Certification

Hi Kumar! Sorry I can’t help for you boathouse I not finish this((

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Ok Fine Tesla…& Thanks for reply me…
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Yes I have started but my process have mistake and i not fix this because get a new project in my work. I think you need investigate all documentation and step by step create process for assignment in course)

at least tell me how to start that process
step by step telsa…
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Did you complete this assignment?

Hi Kumar1

You can start with the Uipath certification from the level1 to level3 by go through the superb awesome online tutorial that which has been given by Uipath itself. First of all create an account and undergo the entire course,
this is the link:
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Hi everyone,

I am stuck with this error:


After I get the Work Items table extracted I want to filter it to get only rows having type=‘WI5’ and status=‘Open’.

out_WList is an output argument of System.Data.DataRow
in_ExtractedWorkItems is an input argument of System.Data.DataTable which is being passed through the invoked workflow.

out_WList = in_ExtractedWorkItems.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

It does not show any validation error. However, when I run it, it returns the above error.

Hi Fer,

Please try to print and see if extracted data is been passed to the “in_ExtractedworkItems” variable or not.
As per your comments all your variable deceleration are correct.


Hi @siddu509, I discovered the error.

I was storing the result in a variable but was calling an output argument. So the table was definitely empty. I checked by using a For Each Row activity after the invoked workflow that Extracts all work items, and later used a For Each to check if only the rows that met those 2 conditions were bringing the expected results.

This doubt is solved.

cool… All the best for the rest of assignment.