Academy2 - Assignment 1 - Try Parse - Invalid input value

Hi Zara,
Just made a start this morning! Roughly which page in the walk-through are you struggling on? I will try and get there and help out as soon as I can :slight_smile:.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes

Hi Daniel,

I had almost all the problems that others had…
Your help is excellent!
I have made the program running now.

But soon, after checking the results, the data validation seems a bit off.

In the page 10 of the walk-through, where we are asked to validate the value of “dbl_CashIn”
“If the Input Data is valid, add another Flow Decision to check if the value of dbl_CashIn is greater than 1000.”

Here is what I used in the “condition” (tried both in the following):

  • dbl_CashIn <= DOUBLE.Parse(“1000”)
  • dbl_CashIn <= 1000

The problem is that I still get items with value lager than 1000 registered in the UiDemo.exe

Could you help on this small issue?
Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!


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No problem. Again, I had the same issue but fixed it by adding a quick conversion in. The issue with the TryParse method is that it only returns a boolean value to see if the conversion can be done, it does not convert the value itself. So my advice would be to do the following:

Add a conversion stage just before the final decision which converts the string type variable CashIn into a double:

And then use this new variable (of type double) to make the final comparison (whether it is less than 1000.0). This should work but let me know :slight_smile:.

Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes


Fantastic! Thanks, it works flawless :slight_smile:



I’m having a strange problem: UIDemo doesn’t allow me to type the decimal point in the CashIn/OnUsCheck/NotOnUsCheck fields.

I noticed that the robot entered very large values and then I tried it manually.

Any one else has this problem?


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Got it working with the SimulateType option


Hi, did you get it to 100% work?

Using SimulateType I also got the correct values inserted but the “Total deposit” field never got updated. I tried to use click activities inside the 3 fields to trigger the update but that made the fields get invalid data if the original value wasn’t a interger.

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To tell you the truth, I didn’t notice that. You are probably right.
It is probably a bug in the test app. I suggest ignoring it as it does not interfere too much with the process or with the targets of this exercise.

Getting the following error while executing the framework

“message”: “System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib”
it is not moving to the Invoke InitAllApllication Workflow.

This is the value i provided for the dictionary while invoking UiDemo.xaml in InitAllApplication

can you help.

I noticed the same issue too!

see if you have the entry ‘logF_BusinessProcessName’ in your config file or not

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Thnx @bogdan.gaspar…worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Thnx @DanielHolmes for the solution. I was wondering why I didn’t get any exception message…since there is a couple of CashIn values over 1000… :slight_smile:

Hi @DanielHolmes, why this condition Double.TryParse(CashIn, dbl_CashIn) And Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) And Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck) has the following error; Expression must be writeable. Parameter name: left
? Thanks in advance!

Too much helpfull Daniel

I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve changed my variable type to System.Double but in my Flow decision i keep getting this error “Compiler error(s) encounter processing expression “Double.TryParse(Cashln, dbl_Cashln) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck, dbl_OnUsCheck) AND Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck, dbl_NotOnUsCheck)” ‘Cashln’ is not declared it may be inaccessible due to it’s protection level”

Here is a link to my post

Thank You, It worked.

I’m having the same issue that got me to this thread. Double.Tryparse does not assign the value to the double variable. The walkthrough should be updated.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the solution!

The conversion does return true which means it’s successful but the value of the double variable is returned 0 which means the conversion failed. (PFA the official Microsoft page screenshot)
How can it be possible? The double variable also doesn’t hold 0 as a default value.

Hello dear! I’m trying to do this exercise too and I’m stuck in this error …

Can you give me a check to see why my program does not work …