Level 3 Advanced Training Assignment

Hi, I am getting a compiler error while filtering the data form the datatable.

I am not sure whether I am doing all the steps right because I fail to understand how is the datatable synced with the main file and where the variable ‘dt’ (mentioned in the assignment guide) come from below:

Please note, ExtractDataTable is the DataTable output from another workflow.

Can anybody tell me how to resolve it?

You might wanna check your ExtractDataTable variable scope. I believe you have a System1_Extract workflow, you have to push the ExtractDataTable out of there through a Out Argument into this workflow.

If you’re already pushing it out, make sure that a variable is storing it when you invoke the workflow.

@NicholasPwi does it mean that in the main file the direction of ExtractDataTable (imported argument) would be in?

Hi Tom,

No, you should a out_Extracted_DT in your System1_Extract. Then in the main.xaml, you should have a variable to store the out_Extracted_DT.

It should look something like this:

In my case, I created dt_WIs to store that out argument from the System1_Extract workflow.

Hope this could be helpful to you!


oh Boy! This assignment makes my eyes to roll @NicholasPwi

I think I will have to check all the arguments and variables from the beginning.

@NicholasPwi, Thank you. Let me make those changes.

You’re most welcome!

Take your time and understand this in/out argument. It’s one of the keys to understanding the entire ReFramework which will ultimately help you develop using better RPA in future.