Assignment1 Extracting Data Table

hi everyone,

will you be so kind to guide me how to do this part? I’m a bit confused if I am supposed to create an Argument or not and if I am to, what should be it’s type and default value? thanks much.

Share the workflow.

this is what I have so far…

ExtractWI5Items.xaml (7.2 KB)

Yes, this should be an argument of type DataTable

hi @nadim.warsi, thanks for the response, just 1 more thing, when I did the data scraping, it created a variable of type DataTable, ExtractDataTable, should I delete that and create the Out Argument or keep it too?

Ok i suggest you do this. Ignore the previous post first.

Then create an argument out_WorkItems
Take an assign do the below:

out_WorkItems = ExtractDataTable

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thanks much @nadim.warsi, I believe this will work. :wink:

Tried and tested :slight_smile:

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