Problem Passing Datatable Argument Between Workflows - Project 2 / Level 3

All the System1 components unit test successfully. (Login, navigate to work items, extract work items, and close System1).

The work items extract successfully to a datatable named “dt_WIs” as shown in the Assign.
I created an output argument (“out_dt”) per page 9 and assigned it the value of the extracted data table. Shown below.

The project instructions then state to create a sequence that invokes all 4 of the System1 workflows.
That unit tested successfully also. Then I attempted to add the Assign of the for the list variable. I got my syntax right.

Here is my problem. The process will not let me use “out_dt” that resulted from running the “System1_ExtractWorkItems.xaml”. The assign has no errors if I establish a new argument in this workflow even though I called the “System1_ExtractWorkItems.xaml” here.

What is needed to get the work items scraped into the argument by the “System1_ExtractWorkItems.xaml” to be accessible to this Assign step later in the sequence?


Kindly check this if you need more help, please get back,


Thanks very much for that @sureshj. Here is what I am trying to do. I am using one workflow to select data. I am invoking that workflow in a second one were more actions will take place. I have constructed effectively what I am trying to do in the attached. I still cannot get the content from the datatable argument in the first workflow to be available in the second workflow that invokes it. Could you review? I kept the attached very brief. Most appreciated. (22.3 KB)


I have done some changes based on my understanding of your requirements.
Data should be passed from 1Getthedata workflow to 2receivethedate workflow. (22.7 KB)
After declaring all variable in the second workflow then use invoke workflow in the main workflow
Hope this will help you.

Suresh J

Thanks very much @sureshj! I totally see what you did there and I am going to work on applying that. Your help is most appreciated. Jamie

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