Level 3 : Advance certification assignment 1 submission issue

Hi guys,
I have completed advance certification Assignment 1 and xaml is working fine, but when i submit it in academy i’m getting 10 marks every time can someone help me in resolving this issue .

  1. check if all work items are set to completed
  2. check if comments are entered as per walkthrough document

Please check evaluation comments what you got and fix the issues based on evaluation.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari thanks for the reply.
I checked all the work items and it is in completed state and i ran the Robot 4-5 times to make sure it’s working properly .
Comments are entered as per walkthrough

Once the assignment is submitted, you should not run the bot again until the evaluation is done.

And before running your bot you must reset the test data and run the bot.

Karthik Byggari


@KarthikByggari , i did the same bro whatever u told even though am getting the same .
am stuck in this from past 10 days. I don’t know where it is wrong and am not getting any error.
Calculate_Client_Security_Hash.zip (3.6 MB)
check this and let me know the corrections.

Hey @Kumar_J_P

It says the number of correct items are 1. I think you have a problem with the way you generate the hash code. Check the formula again. Do you have any spaces? I’m on my mobile so cant check the zip file right now. Just check the formula and see whether its accurate

@Lahiru.Fernando thanks for the reply.
I have used this formula.

For 1st and 2nd WIID it is commenting same hash code which is generated using details of 1st WIID and for the 3rd WIID it is commenting the Hash code generated using details of 2nd WIID(i.e, Client ID,name and country) and for the 4th WIID it is commenting the hash code generated using details of 3rd WIID and so on… can someone tell where it is wrong