Level 3 Advanced Training Assignment no. 1

Can you help me with my problem

Hi @Carla_Marie_Barte
Check this

Ashwin S


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@Carla_Marie_Barte Something might be wrong while Updating the Hash Code :sweat_smile:

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Hmm, But my file did not error? so what is the scenario about the correct item?

@Carla_Marie_Barte While Entering ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry you need to make sure you have trimmed it before Entering the text, Also When you enter the hash Code you should use trim to it

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@supermanPunch can you help me with it?

@Carla_Marie_Barte Can you send the Assignment?

Send me your gmail so that i can send it.

I’ve just send the assignment

@Carla_Marie_Barte Yes I have Got it. There are Dependency Problems, Meanwhile Can you send Screenshots here of Get HashCode Workflow, So Everybody who ever is able to help can also do so :sweat_smile:

After Running the BOT check the status of Client Security hash is in which status??
if it’s still in Open then that’s the problem it’s not updating your workitem

@Carla_Marie_Barte Have you added Message Boxes or Write Line to your Workflows ?

@supermanPunch yes I did.
@Pradeep_Shiv the status is open and I also reset the test data from the acme website.

after running the bot is it still open??
or is it Completed??
if it’s Completed dont reset the data
if it’s Open it’s Problem with the UpdateWorkItem

How can i UpdateWorkItem?

@Carla_Marie_Barte Can you Remove Go Back Activity in your Get Hash Code Workflow and Run the Whole Workflow Again

Show me your UpdateWorkItem.Xaml File


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