Level 1 revamped training Lesson 12 Practice 1 Walkthrough needs to be checked


I’m a bit confused about the walkthrough for this Practice

First you are asked to create 2 int32 variables


Then later you are asked to create a generic variable called cashIn


Also at the beginning it asks you to put a try catch under an assign activity that has not been mentioned. At the very end of the walkthrough you can see this is setting a value to the rowIndex variable which also hasn’t been mentioned.

There is nothing in the description about putting the result into the finally section of the try catch (bear in mind that this is a learning exercise to help understand how the try catch works and finally has not been mentioned).

The model answer given doesn’t have the rowIndex variable which you see in the screenshot of the walkthrough.

It looks as if the solution has been changed and then rewritten up incompletely.

I think that this walkthrough needs to be rewritten (in my opinion)