Issues with fetching row items in foundations training lesson 12 - practice 1

Hello all,

I am trying to do lesson 12 - practice 1 in the Level 1 - Foundations Training.

They have asked me to use the Try Catch activity with a For Each row activity in it, to filter through the data in an Excel workbook. The workflow is meant to calculate the difference between two columns (“Cash In” and “Cash Out”). If the value is not an integer an exception will be raised and instead of the difference being added to the workbook a message of string type is added instead (such as “Wrong cash in”).

In the answers workflow; they use cint(row(“Cash Out”)) in an Assign to retrieve the value as an integer. However, when I run the workflow it throws an error and does not make it to the Catches part of the Try Catch.

In my personal workflow I have tried using the Get Row Item activity which is also throwing an error and gets stuck at the same point.

I would upload the files to make it more clear but as a beginner that is not allowed.

Any help or even ideas on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

@KamKam Sometimes i had the problem of try catch as well, it was’t catching the errors, Can you check if the try catch is Working by simply throwing an error using Throw Activity :sweat_smile:

@KamKam, what options do you have set in the Debug tab in Studio? Is ‘Break on Exceptions’ highlighted?