Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Practice 8...Still dont get it


So I’m new to this whole RPA thing. Think of me as a trucker or a coal miner learning to code. I am really struggling with Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Practice 8. I finished the first part which takes the excel info and sends it to Orchestrator. However, I am totally lost for the second portion.I get totally lost when I get to the

"Return to Studio to process all the items inside the queue, by using the TransactionItem is not Nothing expression. " section.

Does someone have a completed version of this excersise that I could take a look at? I think it may be the only way I will get it. Let me know!

I looked at the REF documents and it did not help. I am slow on the uptake…

I don’t remeber what was the lesson about, but probably in previous lesson you have created a Queue in the orchestrator, not you should get transaction items from the Queue as long as the transaction item is not Nothing which means there is something in the Queue.

Basicaly REF Framework is preparing data in the queue, and gets data from that queue in next MS, and it will try to process transaction item as long it is not an empty object, it will become empty when queue emptied.

Hey thanks for getting back to me. Yeah I get that part. I just dont understand how to do it. Like how would I get the below to loop through each item in the queue and stop it when the queue is empty?

So I’m not sure if this is right but it does seem to go through each of the queues. However, it will not stop and keeps looping through. Do you know how to have it check if there is no more transaction items and stop it from looping through?

okay finally figured it out!