Help with understanding Queues in Orchestrator

I have a workflow that I set up as per the “Orchestrator for Developers” tutorial “Practice 8”. Essentially, I set up a dispatcher and performer structure where I read an excel file using the dispatcher workflow and upload the transaction items into a “Queue1” in Orchestrator.

My performer workflow looks something like this:

The “Get Transaction Item” activity is used to retrieve the transaction item from “Queue1” followed by some simple processing.

Now I have a problem understanding how transaction items are processed. If i run the workflow in studio, it will just run one time. However, if I went to the Orchestrator online page and run it as a job by assigning it to a robot, it will keep looping and running through until there is no transaction items left. This is so even though the original workflow does not contain a while-do loop.

Is this supposed to be the case whereby if there are transaction items in the queue, Orchestrator will keep asking the robot to run the job on whatever transaction item is left in the queue?

It will run until the transaction items n the queue completed even if you run in the studio or in the orchestrator @Simiishthis, unless you force stop to complete. Not sure why it is running for one time when you run in studio. Can you give more details

@HareeshMR I may have stopped the workflow. However, do you meant that even without a loop, the activity itself will keep processing transaction items until there is 0 left?

Nope, if you are using ReFramework, then it will loop until all the items completed.

Can you post some screenshots of the invoke workflow you have in the workflow above?