Lesson 7 Practice 1 Citrix Recording hack (full answer provided)

I noticed a difference between the UI for my CE version and the tutorial.


is what I have with the updated UiPath CE. The tutorial shows something different. And this pops up when you choose Native Citrix Recording on the CE version.

So I looked around the other threads and noticed you have to use the three rightmost activities:


Text->Mouse->Click when it says use Text in the tutorial.

Image->Mouse->Click when it says use Image in the tutorial.

Element->Mouse->Click for dropdownboxes and radio buttons (this is not in the tutorial and you have to use F2 to give you enough time to click and get the dropdown box to appear).

So here is the sequence I ended up with which works:

Collapsed it looks like:


Solution file is attached.Main.xaml (19.6 KB)


Hi @nyck33,
You could add your xaml example directly to our forum using:
In the future you could remove the file from dropbox and it will be not available here :wink:

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@Pablito Done.