Lesson 6 Practice 1 Partial Selector Issue

In this example, after finding and adjusting the above selector, we are being instructed to :" Add a Type Into activity inside the second attach browser and use this selector. Make sure to skip the first node, as we are inside an attach scope and we should use the partial selector."

I assume that in order to “Skip the first node” we are to delete or remove the node —html title = 'Automation Challenge---- and use the remaining nodes to input into the Selector box of the “Type Into” activity

So I add the Type Into activity and I select the three dot icon next to the “Selector” field and I copy and paste the selector excluding said top node.

For some reason it is giving me the resulting error stating that there was a " Compiler Error…End of expression expected"

Am I going about this the wrong way?

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Put the selector in double quotes and also it should be in single line only.

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AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!

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Entire selector should in string format. Please enclose that in double quotes.