Level 1 - Assignment 6

I am getting a SelectorNotFoundException on this assignment. See screenshot.


I believe I was able to follow the directions, but I was a little confused on this part:
Add a Type Into activity inside the second attach browser and use this selector. Make sure to skip the first node, as we are inside an attach scope and we should use the partial selector.

I wasn’t sure how to skip the first node and use a partial selector.

This is what I have for the First Name Type Into selector

This is my file Selectors.xaml (15.1 KB)

Any help is appreciated!


In your process you have made two mistakes.

  1. You are using Chrome Browser for attach Browser activity in both websites. Then you have to change the Browser type Property from IE to Chrome (in Both Cases)

  1. First Get Text H1 activity, you should change the selector with a wildcard character

you can repair the sector (when validate shows in red) with clicking repair in Selector Editor. That will make Validate to Green again by putting wildcard character.


Thanks so much @Theepan. That did it!

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