Problem while extracting data table using data scraping

unable to scrape data from the internet(wikipedia), on the extraction wizard after clicking next and pointing at the start from where data needs to be extracted and clicking, it says the control does not support data extraction, please select table cell

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Hey @shashank19,

Welcome back.

Please make sure your data is structured.

I guess you are trying using clip, So try pointing the element instead of using clipping region.

If not you may need to try other approaches.

Kindly post some screenshot or share the link for better resolve.

Thanks :slight_smile:

may we ask you to give us some details on the sections which you want to extract (Mains Sections, Info Box). In some cases also the Wikipedia API is a valuable alternate and can be taken as an option as well

i am using wikipedia to extract data table, but it displays the error message
on the search button i typed related economics and the page displayed containing several types of economics and their definition. i tried to extract them in a table but unable to perform the activity.
this example is given in tutorials of uipath under data scraping.