Lesson 12 Enabling Tracing

HI I’ve just watched the Lesson 12 video and have moved on to the documentation section which has a link to Enable tracing.

I’m looking at this document an to enable tracing it suggests

This is a screenshot of my system tray


as you can see no UiPath Icon even though I currently have a UiPath studio community open (maybe it’s because its the community edition?) anyone had this issue.

Not sure where to enable tracing therefore in the community edition (if that’s possible) .

Any ideas knowledgeable ones?

Hi @charliefik,

Please start the UiRobot.exe once. It is present in the folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\

Pls let me know if this helps

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Hi Prakshi,
I don’t have a UiPath Platform folder so I did a search for UiRobot.

There were some .exe files that said they were of type XML configuration files (mulitple because of different versions) and a UiRobot type application so I double clicked that which brought up the Ui icon in my sys tray.

The robot is showing as disconnected at the moment but there is definately a settings area that I can choose the logging level so thanks very much.

All the best,

Awesome. The robot will show disconnected until you provision it in orchestrator :slight_smile: