Unable to find low level tracing in UiPathRobot settings


I wanted to trace my process workflow. I’ve followed the instructions that are in “Enabling Tracing” document in “UiPath Studio Guide”. But I didn’t find Low Level Tracing section in ‘Settings…’ of UiPath Robot where I can ‘Start Tracing’. Can anyone please suggest me something please…!

This is what I see in my settings:

And this is how it should be according to UiPath Studio guide

I’ve been having the exact same problem.
Did you find any solutions?

Are you able to see UiPath icon in system tray?

Yes, I hava a UiPath icon in my system tray.
I clicked it and went to the setting, but there is no “start tracing” button in the window.
All I got is “Orchestrator Configuration” and “Robot Logging” section.

Great I assume you are using Community Edition and that option is not there in this edition it is for Enterprise Edition only

Yes, I use the Community Edition.
I see. That helped me.
Thank you.

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Out of curiosity, what version is this with? I’m using 2018.4.3 (licensed) and don’t see a low-level trace option in the UI, I’ve also had to enable/disable it from the command line uirobot.exe. The same was true when I first started with 2018.3.1.

That would be correct. To enable low-level tracing you have to use the:
UiRobot.exe --enableLowLevel

After you’re done, you use this to dump the file:
UiRobot.exe --disableLowLevel

It’s a diagnostic measure and doesn’t normally require a GUI element.