Leitura de arquivo XML

Good morning community,

I’m doing some tests to learn about reading an invoice in XML.
The XML structure comes from an electronic invoice as follows:

I put together a very simple workflow that read the pdf and accessed the content, but the results alternated between an empty return, error in the object reference and so on.

Could someone explain to me what I’m doing wrong?

Check this activity package out

I believe you’ll have an easier time managing the data if you use this to convert your data to something more manageable in Vb.Net.


Thanks for your answer, I will run some tests.

In the XML in question that I’m trying to do here, I realized that UiPath can’t see it as an XML structure, instead the output is a string, I believe that because of that it can’t navigate through the structure. My doubt is:
Does this problem stem from the type of xml I’m trying to manipulate, from the uipath package, or is there another treatment goal that I should do before, for example cleaning this header?

Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

Is there a practical example of using this package?

Use expressões regulares, é muito fácil de resolver. Estou estudando o UIPath também!

XML is defining namespaces. For handling this refer to link below: