Is there a way to convert PDF to XML and parse the XML. My PDF Bills are not exactly tabular format?
From PDF with UI clicks I can convert to Bill.PDF to Bill.XML. Is there a better way?
How do I parse Bill.XML using UiPath activities?
What packages are needed for Studio version 2020.10
Appreciate the answers.
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There is no direct way to convert pdf to xml…you can go with your way what you identified…

And for xml parsing and reading data…please check below detiled activities and explanation


And package needed is UiPath.WebAPI.Activities


Thank you, @Anil_G
In the link you provided what does this do?
Also if the xml file I got does not have title at 0, how do I get all the nodes and its values?

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The expression you refer is to get the value at that node

Title is not a mandate field anyways…we can go around with nodes…you can check point 8 in the previous link to know how to access each node

Few more ways


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This could be a good solution. I still do not understand how to get to the needed data in the XML file. Thank you, I am not able to mark as solution, but it seems potential. Many Thanks,


Please provide your xml…then we can give you how to get the data from it…as the xml is not present I had you give you some samples to work on them


Thank you. Reading a mix of bills. For example, water bill, electricity bill etc. Cannot upload. I need to grab some data like date, amount etc.


Please provide the xml format you want to read…because if we have data we can give how to read…else only a way can be shown which I already gave you