Legal or illegal Data extraction from third party sites


Am not sure which forum group category this query belongs to.

The question is, if we need to extract data from few third party websites to generate data analysis for our own business, would there be any legal issues or terms that need to be signed? Is there any complication involved from legal perspective from the third party websites in this scenario.

Have any of you implemented this and what was the process involved? Please could you share.

Thank you so much.


Just a thought, as the third party web application is used in our local and UiPath studio is also installed in the local, I don’t think we need to have the terms and conditions to be signed here and when we are scraping the data from the site, it may be a public application or we have access to that application. So, no need to bother if we are just copying and pasting the data or scraping it.

Please ignore if this won’t help you :slight_smile:

As long someone has not the qualification to give legal advices (I dont have) you should have it crosschecked e.g. with your legal department.

However I do know that some websites have in their terms that an automatic retrieval is not allowed. A scraping Bot can maybe rated as an automatic retrieval. So:

  • let check website terms and conditions
  • let crosscheck by legal department of your company or others

then it should be cleared

Thank you @ppr. That was helpful.

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