Data Scraping on Is it Legal?

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I have recently completed my advanced training and i got a project in which i have to scrape data from amazon and some other US based online marketplaces. What i want to ask is if it’s legal to do so and upto what extent. For example i want to enter pincode for delivery location and then check the prices and if they deliver or not.

And not only for amazon, is there any way i can check if it’s legal to use the bot on that particular site.

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It is completely legal. The information is available publicly.
So you can automate.


totally legal since it helps you in making a informed decision about making a purchase.

in the foundation training lesson 5 they ask you to scrape data from amazon (or ebay), so its completely legal

Thanks a lot @VirajN & @KarthikByggari for the advice.

Also, i have found that whenever you go to a URL by adding robots.txt to it you can see if the site allows for bot interactions and upto what extent. But that is hard to understand except for some basic interactions like signup and login because they’re written as it is.

For reference please try this link:

and can you please tell a way(if there is any) to check which type of interactions are are they referring to that are disallowed.

Thanks in advance.

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so basically items like writing a review, voting, login, etc is not allowed to be done by a robot.

in simpler words the processes where a manual intervention is expected is not allowed by the robot.


Thanks a lot @VirajN :slight_smile:

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