How to Scrap data of child node or Div which has link using data scraping?


I want to scrap data of this url, i am getting 210 records i am able to get the information of each div but i an unable to get the information of a DIV element which has “More Locations” Title. i am attaching an image which will more clarification about this.

here you go Getdocsdata.xaml (8.5 KB)

Hi skswain, thanks for the help but i am unable to run it. can you please look into my task using below URL.
My Task

Please attach the xaml file

FindMyDoctor.xaml (16.2 KB)


i have also attached the link where you can download the csv and .xalm file as well i attached the file. Thanks

Hi…i have used your xaml…removed unwanted activity not required for me to do test…its working…you need to integrate this in your xaml. FindMyDoctor_New.xaml (12.1 KB)

hi thanks skswain. there is some logic behind this suppose there is only single location then it must be show the single location but if there is 1/2/3 or more location then it should be shown all the location. in your program it is showing only child location but i want parent as well as child. if you can then please share me…

hi,you need to make the adjustments and add your logic…i have shown you on how to extract child address…now you can use that and improve to meet your needs

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