Tree View in UiPath

I need help.
In tree view I need check node which dynamically coming from my input sheet.

I tried to use Find children and get attribute activity but its not giving me children correctly .
Is there any other way.

Sample tree view present on below link

Link: React Dropdown Tree Select Demo

Please help.

Hi @sampadapune25,

Is this the workflow you are looking for? The attribute get is “innertext”, you may want to change accordingly. Find (20.9 KB)

@GreenTea thank for reply.
But Find Children activity work only for first level branches data. not able to extract sub branches. Please help me for complete tree view data need to extract considering all sub branches and node.

Hi @sampadapune25,

I will not be building the bot for you as that will take up a lot of my time. You have to complete the RPA developer foundation online course and experiment for yourself.


  1. Looking at the UiExplorer tree, examine the selector id and parentid because it shows how the parent and child id is organised hierarchically. For example, Justice parentid selector = rdts-0-2_li, the Justice id = rdts-0-2. Under the child selector rdts-0-2-0_li, rdts-0-2-1_li, rdts-2-2_li, etc. is the child selector rdts-0-2-0, rdts-0-2-1, rdts-0-2-2, etc.
    The attributes you may need are aaname or innertext to get the child nodes.

  2. So you have to increment the selector rdts-0-2- with a counter starting from zero to whatever number to get all the child attributes. Enclose the sequences in a while loop and surround the while loop with a try-catch block to catch “selector not found” error and terminate the while loop.

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