Launch process thanks to a url link

I have an excel and I would like to start a uipath process when I click on a cell. Therefore I would like to put an url link in the cell, which could allow to start a uipath process.
Is it possible ? I didn’t find a solution.
Do you have another easy solution ?

Thank you a lot

I don’t think that is possible to click a link and start a UiPath process. You nees to start through Assistant, Trigger from orchestrator, API call from a connected machine. You can give a try to API but I’m sure it will be not recommended.

What is the usecase? May be there will be some alternative. What you want to achieve?

The trigger to start a job can be many, depends on the usecase.

Thank you a lot for your reply.

I wanted to create like an app thanks to excel, with buttons to launch processes.