Execution target for ‘Start Process’ rule in a UiPath App

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A question related to executing an unattended workflow on a specific machine.
When starting a job manually in Orchestrator or when using a scheduled time trigger we can choose an execution target in order to have the process run on a specific machine if necessary.
I was wondering whether this is also an option when executing a workflow through a ‘Start process’ rule in a UiPath App.

My case is pretty straightforward: A button in my app has a ‘Start Process’ rule which will start a job in Orchestrator. However, it will always start on any of the available machines assigned to that folder, while I would prefer it to start the process on a specific machine. Is there a way to set an Execution target in the ‘Start Process’ rule, similar to what we can do with triggers in Orchestrator?

If not, the workaround I had in mind would be to put that process in a folder that only has access to the specific machine I want it to run on. It’s not ideal but at the very least the process would always run on the machine I want it to run on.

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I think that UiPath Apps’ ‘Start Process’ rule does not provide a direct option to specify an execution target or select a specific machine on which the job should run.

Workaround, as you mentioned, is to configure your Orchestrator folder to contain only the specific machine on which you want the process to run.

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Hi @pikorpa,

Thanks for getting back to me!
Hmm, that’s pretty much what I feared. I searched a bit further but didn’t find any direct option to handle it in UiPath Apps. It would have been a ‘nice to have’, but it’s not a blocking issue. :slight_smile:

I will tackle this by configuring it in the Orchestrator folder, like you mentioned.

Thank you again!

Hey, I am on a similary case. I have a UiPath App that starts a job process. That process is in a folder that contains only a template machine, but I need to set a specific hostname, because if I don’t do that, the template can use any hostname.

Is there some solution to set a specific hostname to a process that is triggered by an app?