User Event to Start a Process - Use Excel Cell As Click and Start


I have a Nice To Have feauture that i would like to devolep:

Given an excel file, dynamically genereted by an other Bot, i would like that if the user click on a cell, a process would start using the cell value as a parameter

Any suggestion to achive any of the following would be appreciated:

  1. User press Alt+Click on Cell, Listening Bot get the clicked Cell (value or element)
  2. Generate a link that when clicked make a UIPath Process start, the link should be genereted by the previous both and should give the cell value as an argument

Thank you for any little help or idea you can give me (even never personally tried suggestions would be good)

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli,
You may look at forum as here were some identical topics about triggering robot with other process. See here for example:

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Hi @Pablito , the topic suggested is not the case i was looking for…
I looked around the forum for something similar, but didn’t find anything

i will still look, but do you have anysuggestion?

Sorry I just missed the part about having bot ready for clicking the cell in excel. I’m not sure if this is achievable directly from studio. But I guess it would be somehow possible if the excel file would have kind of a macro defined which which create some data in file for example when particular cell will be clicked. Then your robot can be set to check for example for file being in folder.

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