Latest Orchestrator - how to add Robot?

Can anyone advise me how to add Robot in the latest Orchestrator?
I can’t find the menu to do this - see attached.

Hi @andyyeo ,
In the orchestrator, go to default folder and click robots.

Once on robots page click + button.

choose standard or floating robot, enter details and your robot will be added.
I guess you have renamed the default folder to AndyWorkspace :slight_smile:
Mark as solution :white_check_mark: if this helps.

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Attached is the screenshot of my Tenant.

As you can see, I can’t add a robot from here.

No, i did not rename the Default folder. Actually, there was no Default folder when I logged into UiPath this morning. I have no idea why there is no Default folder.
This folder: AndyWorkspace is manually created by me.