Kill Switch?

Basically, I’m looking for an option to make some hotkey stop the flow that is currently running. When my sequence is going, 90% of the time it works, and then 10% of the time I want it to immediately stop before it does something I don’t want it to do… It’s hard to click on the UIPath application and select the red stop square because it’s selecting things in the sequence very quickly.

I imagine this is already a feature and this is more of a ‘please show me how to do this’, but I’m not sure where else to put this topic.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t be in the Feedback section, it should be in the Help section.

Anyway, this is what Debug mode is for. Set breakpoints where you want it to pause, and use Debug instead of Run. The breakpoints give you an opportunity to stop it, adjust values, etc to debug it.

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So I’m a super noob when it comes to UI path, so I’m not super familiar with how a lot of the functionality works. The idea is that I’m having it click on things, and sometimes there are multiple points for it to click on. I can’t figure out a robust way to make it select the correct option every time, so I just want it to stop. Then, I’ll do the work manually, and restart the program again.

It’s not that it doesnt work as intended, it’s that I can’t program it well enough for it to do exactly what i want, so I just want a way to stop it from continuing at the press of a button.

Show us what you’re trying to do, and the selectors you have. Being able to create correct selectors is 90% of success. Surely there is a way to make the automation do what you want it to do.


How about keyboard shortcuts function of UiPath Assistant, as the following image?


OBS recording of the browser source and the sequence itself! Downscaled to hell and with blur edits that I didn’t do very well and took way to long to figure out lol

Basically, I’m trying to remove access from accounts that haven’t used a service within 90 days. I whittle down the list myself in excel, then use excel to copy/paste the names of the people into the search box to find them. Then, (if there is only 1 account), it selects the … that opens the menu to then select the image of the green checkmark, if that person still has access. Then it selects the check to remove their access, and goes back in the webpage to repeat on the next excel row.

The issue I run into, is when someone’s name has multiple accounts. (Our org recently gave everyone multiple emails after they purchased a company.) Originally, it would get stuck and not select an option because it saw two viable selections. I then changed the properties of “show details” have a timeout of 3 seconds, with the intention of selecting the correct account myself, and then progressing to the next step after it timed out. (It sometimes also won’t get stuck because the anchor changes a bit based on a few variables)

Basically, I think the easiest way to do it would be for me to change what “show details” is looking for, to something that is always static, (doesn’t change based on a few variables), and then move the click target. That said, I then need to figure out how to make it select the correct option… in my head, this seems a bit cumbersome based on the fact that I’m generally only having to correct like 10 or so of the 30ish people I’m doing once a month. (This is not a sequence that corrects 100 entries every day, it’s very low maintenance, and user input is not the end of the world.)

Overall, I came looking for the hotkey to stop the sequence, which in Studio X (not Studio… oops) is F12, so I got what I came for. If you have anything insightful to add, I’m more than happy to learn, but I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to help me haha :slight_smile:

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