Break / Continue button when running in RUN MODE - Studio

Hi Team,

When we run a bot in studio in DEBUG MODE, we can break and continue whenever we need and by that time we don’t rely on UiPath assistant to pause and resume the bot execution.

But when we run a bot in normal mode from studio and if we want to pause at one place, we need to add either a message box (as a simple workaround to hold the bot) or need to open uipath assistant to pause the bot execution.

If we can pause it in assistant for a normal run can we have that option in studio itself

like Instead of moving between studio and assistant, Can we have a break / continue button in Normal mode as well, along with Stop button in studio.



Hey @Palaniyappan

Any particular use case that would require this behaviour? If I got it right, you’d like to practically be able to breakpoint during actual runtime, but I can’t see the use case here because presumably you’d like to do things after pausing, which pretty much directs us to the debug mode again to do that necessary action.

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Fine Let’s take a scenario

This is something I faced in recent times

I have a bot developed in test environment and
Before I move that code to prod environment, while testing I might get some unwanted input data along the actual input to be processed and that has to be deleted before I proceed further in processing the input
Or sometimes I have to do a change with application configuration which actually works fine prod but not in test environment

In the first case I need to stop the bot and open the input data sheet, delete those unwanted input records and then continue executing the bot
Same with second as well when trying to configure application in middle of process

Well this can be done in debug mode itself
But when u execute in debug mode bot will stop if any exception comes in between
I don’t want the bot to stop when exception comes and I would like to validate whether the bot is still able to get through exception without stopping but at the same time need to break in the middle to manipulate input or any config or even to do some changes with application

To do this we rely on assistant to pause and resume

I m fine doing it debug mode

But my thought was If the bot can be paused and resumed when ran in normal mode (apart from debug mode) using assistant then that feature can be kept in studio as well so that people can break and continue even when they run from studio


Thank you for the full context, it really helps to know the use case behind the request :slight_smile: Studio team will have a look and see what can be done in the future :slight_smile:


I’m having a similar problem, I’d really need a togglebreak in run mode. So the process I’m running is handling a lot of data and it takes a few minutes in run mode, but running it in debug mode takes over 1 hour, so it’s not even a viable option to use debug mode in this case.
Or is there any other way to make debug mode faster?